Minneapolis Family Law Appeals Attorney

If a party in a family court matter doesn’t agree with the judge’s ruling, he or she can appeal the decision. With the help of a Minneapolis family law appeals attorney, you can effectively appeal the decision. With John Burns by your side, you will work with an attorney who has experience appealing cases throughout the entire state of Minnesota. He is highly knowledgeable of the courts, how they work, and what is necessary to secure the best possible result.

Help Through The Appeals Process

There are a couple of reasons why appealing a Minnesota family court decision is difficult. First, there are very strict procedural requirements that must be adhered to. Second, few family court cases are overturned. A great deal of aggressiveness is required for a successful appeal.
The steps of the appeals process are as follows:

  1. The appeal documents must be prepared and filed with the court and the filing fee paid. This ensures the appeal is properly served on the other party. It’s imperative to file and serve properly so the appeal isn’t kicked out. Any deficiencies must be promptly corrected. However, an attorney well-versed in document preparation, filing, and serving greatly reduces the chances of deficiencies occurring.

  2. After the documents are filed and served, the parties are usually required to attend mediation. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement during mediation, the matter moves to appellate court.

  3. Going to Appellate Court involves the submission of documents that argue the case. The case is then argued in front of a panel of three appellate judges. Only parties represented by an appeals lawyer will be allowed to argue their case in front of the panel.

  4. After the case is argued, the judges provide a decision. They may reverse and remand the former decision or affirm the decision of the trial court. Sometimes, they can enter a combination of both, depending on the matters being argued and the strength of the appeal.

While this description makes the appeals process seem cut and dry, there is a lot involved. Your Minneapolis family law appeals attorney will be there with you throughout it all.

The Aggressive Representation You Need

Mr. Burns is very well-versed in the workings of appellate courts throughout the entire state of Minnesota. Combined with his experience and knowledge of family law, he has what it takes to be the aggressive advocate and compassionate guide that you need in your corner. That way, you have a fair chance at getting the outcome that you felt you should have received in the beginning.

Contact A Minneapolis Family Law Appeals Attorney

When a case goes to trial and a judge has to make the decisions for the parties involved, the parties may not agree with those decisions. Because this can happen, the appeals process is an option. If you don’t completely agree with a judge’s decision, you can attempt to have the decision changed with the help of an experienced appeals lawyer. Mr. Burns will be a hard-working and knowledgeable advocate in your corner throughout the entire process. To learn more, call the Burns Law Office at 952-898-6834 to request your free consultation.



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