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Divorce is a life-changing event. It is difficult enough that the person you thought you’d be with for the rest of your life turns out to not be that person. You’ve give part of your life to this person, dedicated yourself to them, and they have become a significant part of your life.

You need an Apple Valley divorce lawyer who knows that divorce is a very difficult decision and is one that is very emotional. You are most likely hurting, you may have kids involved who are dealing with the emotional, and there are a lot of assets up for grabs. So while you are dealing with the emotional aspects of your divorce, you also need an attorney who deals with the logistics in an aggressive way.

When Children Are Involved

When children are involved in divorce, there are a lot of things to consider. There are items such as child support, child custody, and visitation to consider. However, the overall well-being of the children must be considered as well. Here are three areas to focus on when going through a divorce:

  1. It is best to keep arguments with your spouse out of sight of your children because your kids do know what’s going on. Kids are very smart and they are impressionable, so even when you think you are being discreet, that’s not necessarily the case.
  2. When divorce happens, parents tend to tell their kids that the divorce wasn’t their fault. While this may seem like that’s all it takes, it’s not. It is best that you and your spouse sit down and create a response that is appropriate for the age of your child.
  3. Know that when resolving conflict before, during, and after your divorce will help your child deal with it better. Conflict is a large part of divorce, but resolving it is something your child will see and that can lessen the consequences for them. Be proactive and discuss the divorce with your Apple Valley divorce lawyer so you can get the separation under control, which will help your child better endure it.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Mediation allows you and your spouse to make decisions without a judge doing it for you. Your Apple Valley family law attorney can mediate so that you and your spouse can mutually agree on various elements of the divorce. When there are children involved, agreement can also work well in their favor because they see their parents working together rather than against each other to reach a solution, which transfers over into life outside of mediation.

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Divorce is difficult and can be even harder on children than on adults. If you are in need of an understanding attorney who also takes an aggressive approach to your case when necessary, the Burns Law Office can help you. To schedule your free initial consultation, call us at 952-898-6831 or fill out the form on this page and we will inform you of your rights, your options, and also be a support for you during this difficult time.



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