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Individuals are always looking for alternative ways to finalize their divorces so that they can save both time and money. This is why the practice of mediation is growing at leaps and bounds. Mediation involves both spouses, along with their attorneys, meeting with a person who is trained to help bring an agreement to fruition. This person does not take sides, as they are to be neutral so that a fair solution can be reached. Your Blaine divorce lawyer will be by your side the entire time giving you the guidance needed to make the right decisions.

Mediation Cost

What is unique about the cost of mediation is that it is typically split between the two parties. Being that the charge is so small due to the simplistic nature of this option, the charge is very low. Even if there are issues concerning children, there are some Minnesota counties that provide mediators at no cost. This is something to consult with your Blaine family law attorney to see what your total cost will be.

Mediation Is Non-Binding

Mediation is non-binding because the mediator cannot force both sides into a settlement that they don’t want to partake in. instead, the mediator keeps everyone focused on the issues at hand and serves as a facilitator for the exchange of information. However, it should be noted that mediation is not right for every situation. This is especially true for those cases where there may be a history of domestic violence. Nonetheless, any actions a party may display during mediation cannot be used against them if the case does not make it in the mediation process and progresses all the way to trial.

If mediation is the right choice and it is successful, a number of benefits are experienced. Those benefits include the ability to agree on issues without having to go all the way to trial. This allows the process to be completed sooner and at a much lower cost. A lot of time is saved this way and allows the transition from married to unmarried to occur much smoother. In some cases, a divorce that goes to trial can be dragged out for over a year or more. Because of the benefits of mediation, it is not uncommon for the court to require both parties to mediate before taking the case any further.

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Divorce doesn’t have to be a long process. It can be one in which agreements can be reached and everyone is able to get on with their lives. Mediation is a fast and affordable way to make life go on sooner than later. To get started, call us at (952) 898-6834 or fill out the contact form to schedule your free initial consultation. You have options and rights that you should be educated about, as well as the divorce law in Minnesota so that you can make the right decisions in your case. We will help you every step of the way so that you don’t have to be alone.




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