The Russian Adoption Ban and How it Affects Families

U.S. families adopting children from Russia is nothing new, as it is something that has been happening for a very long time. Now there are many families that are upset by the fact they cannot adopt children from Russia after it was decided by the Russian government to not let Americans adopt children from their… Read more »

Shooting in Grand Rapids Example of Domestic Violence Issues

A December 22 shooting in Grand Rapids has brought about more awareness regarding the issues that surround domestic violence. William Levi Payne has been charged with eight felonies after police say the 26-year-old shot at two people at 10th Avenue residence and then kidnapped his own wife who was a visitor at the home at… Read more »

Orders for Protection Successful at Stopping Domestic Violence

Orders for protection are designed to protect individuals from their alleged abusers and these orders are proving to be successful in halting domestic violence within individual households. It is very important that there is a tool to end domestic violence so that individuals can feel safer and move on with their lives. The importance is… Read more »

Boy Abducted by Grandparents in 1994 Found in Minnesota

A Northeastern Indiana boy who was kidnapped by his paternal grandparent in 1994 has been found living in Long Prairie, Minnesota with his wife. On July 29, 1994, Richard Wayne Landers Jr. was taken by his grandparents. The grandparents were allegedly upset over child custody arrangements for their grandson, so they took the boy who… Read more »

Restraining Orders Stemming from Harassment

Harassment has become more of an issue in recent times with individuals harassing ex husbands and wives or even harassing a co-worker or former friend. While harassment may seem more like a nuisance behavior, it is one that can actually turn violent. When the person doing the harassing doesn’t get their way, the situation can… Read more »

Man Forces Girlfriend to Stand Outside in Domestic Dispute

On December 11, 44-year-old Scott Boothman and his girlfriend had a domestic violence episode in which he allegedly made his girlfriend and her young daughter stand outside while the wind chill was 30 below. Boothman, a Warroad, Minnesota resident, and his girlfriend got into an argument as they were driving to Grand Forks, North Dakota… Read more »

Eagan Parents Allegedly Forced Son to Live in Basement

Child Protective Services see a number of cases in which children are abused and neglected. While they see it all, there are still some cases that stun them. In one of the latest cases, Greg and Angela Danner allegedly made their 15-year-old son live in a basement with no lights, leaving him with just a… Read more »

Minnesota Contempt of Court Lawyer

Sometimes contempt motions have to be made in family law cases and these motions may be filed when one of the parties have violated an order to pay child support, violated parenting time arrangements, failed to pay alimony, relocated out of state with a child without court consent, or withheld property. If any court order… Read more »

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