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Not every divorce has to be a long and expensive process. There are many divorces that take place in Minnesota that are straight and to the point. What this means is that the parties agree all the way around because they may not have many assets or they may just want to get it over with. No matter the reason, uncontested divorce is the preferred way to get it done.

Even if there are minor disputes, they are usually settled before the case ever makes it to trial and that ideal for many. They are able to move on with their lives sooner. Even if children are involved, it is possible to reach a custody arrangement without having to fight over it and the same applies to spousal maintenance. While additional elements to divorce can lengthen the process, the less the couple disagrees, the sooner everyone will be moving on.

Uncontested Divorce Benefits

There are a number of benefits to resolving a divorce through uncontested means. Those benefits include money, time, respect, and control over the situation. Uncontested divorces are usually completed in a lot less time than contested divorces. Your Brooklyn Park divorce lawyer does the legwork for you and can have everything completed in about ¼ of the time. As far as the control you have over the case, the parties are usually the ones setting the terms and agreeing to them rather than the court. In the end, this results in a great deal of respect for one another. If children are involved, this respect can be seen by them and that makes it better for their well-being.

The Process

In most cases, just one spouse hires a Brooklyn Park family law attorney to do the paperwork. One lawyer cannot represent both sides, however. For instance, if you are the spouse to hire a lawyer from our office to handle your uncontested divorce, we will take care of the divorce petition, the marital termination agreement, and the divorce decree. In other words, we handle all of the paperwork for you. All your spouse has to do is read the paperwork, sign it, and they have the right to call us if they have questions during the process. They must keep in mind, however, that we are your attorneys and not theirs.

If children are involved, an uncontested custody agreement is going to go much faster than a contested one. The same applies to spousal support and child support. The amount will need to be determined, but no conflict regarding the awarding of these funds will result in a much easier resolution.

Contact A Brooklyn Park Family Law Attorney

If you and your spouse are certain you will be getting a divorce and you do not have any issues you wish to dispute, then you will be able to have a quick and quiet divorce. We can help you by preparing all of the necessary paperwork and taking care of all of the technicalities in your case. To get started, call us at (952) 898-6834 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free initial consultation.



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