Child Custody & Visitation

The Last Thing a Parent Wants is to Harm the Children

As a father of three, Burns Law Office’s principal attorney John Burns knows how important the qualities of stability and continuity are in a child’s life. As a well-respected family law attorney, he knows how heart-breaking divorce can be for parents and for children.

At Burns Law Office, we strive, through advice and negotiation, to obtain fair child custody, child visitation and parenting time solutions for everyone involved, particularly, the children.

Child Visitation Lawyer Minnesota

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Diffusing the Hot-Button Issue of Child Custody

When parents disagree on child custody or visitation, they need reasoned legal help to ensure that the divorce decree serves the child.  Heated emotions need to be avoided. We are strong advocates of protecting the best interests of your children.

The Best Interests of the Child Standard

When negotiating child custody agreements with the other side, we keep in mind the basic concept of what is best for the kids. Please see the child custody worksheet for further information on the considerations.

Joint physical custody may work well when both parents can cooperate. Joint legal custody involves both parents sharing health, education, and religious upbringing decisions. A flexible visitation schedule may serve the needs of children if parents can cooperate. Otherwise, it is better to seek a fixed visitation agreement. We can help you evaluate all of these options and devise a legal strategy that works best for your family.

Common Sense Works

Child custody matters can be very emotional. Our lawyers leverage our diplomatic skills, an ability to stay calm, and our negotiating prowess with opposing counsel and with our own clients to achieve a fair resolution. This promotes balanced decisions and successful outcomes.

Experienced in Complex Cases that Demand Knowledge of the Law

We regularly resolve high-asset, complicated cases involving child custody, relocated parents, parenting schedule issues, broken agreements, multi-state divorces, and other complex issues.



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