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A collaborative divorce is different than an uncontested divorce in that it involves a collaborative effort between both parties. Our attorneys have guided many individuals through this process. As for how it works, the parties agree to complete the divorce process as quickly as possible and in a manner that both can accept. This is a very clean approach to handling property division, alimony, child custody, and child support claims. All in all, the conflict is minimal, which removes the antagonism and allows for cooperation that benefits all individuals involved.

The Process

Before the process can move forward, a participation agreement has to be signed by both parties. In this agreement, they are agreeing to:

  • Be honest with one another about their financial standing
  • Be open throughout the entire process
  • Grant their attorney’s authorization to utilize the agreement as the basis for the court decree.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the attorneys will withdraw from the process. The couple can then retain their respective Coon Rapids divorce lawyer to handle the matter as a contested divorce. A contested divorce is a longer process that requires the drafting of a preliminary case workup, discovery, a possible settlement, and then trial if a settlement cannot be reached. This process is much more expensive and can take many months for the process to be completed.


There are a number of advantages to collaborative divorce when compared to the traditional divorce process. First, the process is completed much quicker, the process is less expensive, it is preferable when children are involved, and it allows for easier settlement of spousal and child support. In the end, the settlements are usually better due to your freedom to achieve an agreement that benefits you more. When the limitations of formal court proceedings are involved, you may be limited in how much control you have over the outcome. In the end, the agreement is usually tailored to the desires of both parties.

When Experts Are Involved

There are times when experts may be involved. These experts are relied upon during traditional divorce, but they may also be relied upon during the collaborative process, depending upon the special factors that exist in your case. It is your Coon Rapids family law attorney that will help you with various issues requiring decisions on your part. These decisions include those regarding child support, custody, alimony, and property division.

Coon Rapids Divorce Lawyer

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