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Burns Law Office is recognized for tackling the highly complex, sometimes high conflict family law issues surrounding divorce, child support enforcement and other potentially highly charged issues. Our attorneys remain calm and help you work through your emotions so that we can work toward a common sense solution.

At Burns Law Office, we provide knowledgeable representation of child support enforcement issues, child custody modification, changing visitation needs and other divorce modifications, including divorce appeals.

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Divorce Modification in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota

When financial or health situations change, child support may also change.  The goal of child support is to transfer the funds between the parents to meet the financial needs of the children.

Sometimes child support modifications are necessary. Perhaps an ex-spouse has a health challenge and can no longer work.  Or maybe the paying spouse has lost his or her job and can no longer afford to pay child support at the court-ordered level.  Other times there has been an increase in income which warrants a similar increase in child support.  Sometimes there has been a joint custody agreement but one spouse has not lived up to the agreement.  As experienced and well-respected attorneys, the attorneys at Burns Law Office are well equipped to represent our clients’ interests in these cases and others.

Sometimes parents need a lawyer because parenting time issues need to be addressed.  Perhaps one parent will not follow the custody or visitation terms set forth by the Court.  In that case, a judge might issue an order that includes an enforcement penalty.

If a parent has unreasonably denied the other parent time with a child, a court order can be obtained for an arrangement that provides compensatory parenting time.  In situations where parental alienation has occurred, relief can be obtained through the courts.

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People feel comfortable referring their family members to Burns Law Office because we provide personal attention and we keep in mind how child support enforcement and changes will impact the kids, the most important standard of all.



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