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Divorce is a painful process because of the fact that you are separating your life from that of a person you once loved and thought you’d be with for the rest of your life. However, there are things that happen over time. Couples can outgrow one another and that means their goals for the future changes and they simply want to do other things. When children are involved, this can be especially difficult, but the Minnesota court system is designed to ensure that both parents remain a significant part of a child’s life so that they can grow and develop despite the fact their parents are no longer married.

Covering Your Bases

When filing for divorce, it is best to ask yourself a number of questions so that you can provide your Lino Lakes divorce lawyer with all of the information needed to file your divorce petition. Here are some areas to cover:

  • The custody of any children will need to be covered. You must tell your attorney if you are seeking joint or sole legal and/or joint or sole physical custody of the children. Other items that include the child’s routine, where the child will be when vacationing, holidays the child will celebrate, school-breaks, rules concerning telephone contact with the children, how the children will be transported from one parent to another, child support, medical and dental support, child care support, and whether or not one of the children will be claimed as a beneficiary on life insurance. It should also be established who will claim the children on income taxes.
  • Spousal support is also considered, as well as whether or not each party will provide their own medical insurance.
  • A list of marital property and other assets and debts will have to be provided to your Link Lakes family law attorney because they will be divided by a judge if the two parties do not agree on how they are to be split.
  • One party has the right to seek payment of the fees and costs by the other party in the divorce.
  • Do you wish to change your name?
  • Would you be willing to use a parenting time consultant if there are any issues now or in the future?

Non-Disclosure of Assets

There are some cases in which one spouse may not disclose a certain asset or they simply forgot about it. If that’s the case, the court may retain the ability to reopen the case if it is found that one party’s assets were not accounted for in the divorce. This means that the asset will be reviewed and it will be determined who that asset needs to go to. The person who did not disclose the asset may lose that asset or they could keep it.

Contact A Lino Lakes Family Law Attorney

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