Mediation & Arbitration

A Win-Win for the Divorcing Couple-Mediation, Arbitration, Med-Arbitration

Many people who hope to maintain a level of cordiality during and after their divorce and save time and money may choose to turn to a family law lawyer who is trained as a mediator or an arbitrator.

At Burns Law Office, we provide diplomatic, solution-oriented divorce mediation, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for amicable divorces, uncontested divorces and no fault divorce.

Cheaper, Amicable and Time Saving

A mediated divorce or an arbitrated divorce can cost far less money and avoid the lengthy process of going to Court.  Additionally, the proceedings can be kept confidential, with records sealed to the public.  These options can be a huge benefit for people who are divorcing.  Our principal lawyer, John Burns, is an experienced mediator an arbitrator regularly recommended by the Dakota County Courts and attorneys in the metro area for people seeking Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  He is a qualified arbitrator/mediator of family matters under General Rule of Practice 114.

Divorce Mediation is the Most Common ADR Approach to Divorce

Divorce mediation occurs when two parties voluntarily attend a meeting on divorce issues that is mediated by a lawyer or other professional.  The mediation process is designed to be low conflict and it is used by people who are divorcing, partners who are unmarried, or former spouses who need to mediate other issues.  Family law agreements are drafted by the mediating lawyer, in this case, John Burns, who is recognized throughout the state of Minnesota for his ability to reach agreements in complex situations with potentially high-conflict disputes.

Minnesota Divorce Lawyer & Arbitration Attorney

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Divorce Arbitration is Different than Mediation

The arbitrator has the same authority to make divorce decisions as a judge.  Both sides are held to the decision legally.  The same advantages apply as in mediation.  Sometimes people seek an arbitrator to decide disputed issues that they can’t resolve and don’t want to leave for the Courts.

Mediation and Arbitration or Med-Arb, as it is known, continues to grow in popularity as a way to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom.  This is especially useful when people want to have control over their divorce and solve issues of asset division, family support and custody issues quickly and with minimum conflict.

Mediation and arbitration are growing areas of law and John Burns and the Burns Law Office are experienced and skilled at helping people resolve their divorces amicably in this manner.



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