Custody Disputes

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Custody disputes are most common in divorce cases where both parents want custody of the child or there are different ideas about how the custody arrangement should be. When the parties can’t agree on physical and legal custody, a qualified Minneapolis custody lawyer can help you. You will receive the guidance you need through the dispute so you can make informed decisions.

The Burns Law Office is there for you, advocating for your rights and the outcome that you desire. Most of all, you are never alone throughout the process and all questions will be answered.

Guidance Through The Custody Dispute Process

A method used to resolve custody disputes is alternative dispute resolution, or ADR. This process is designed to help the parties find common ground. In other words, it is a form of mediation and the success rate is very high. If ADR isn’t successful, the court makes the custody decision based on what it believes is in the best interest of the child.
When the court uses the best interest of the child standard, they look at 12 factors. These factors may involve independent evaluations of the child and the parents. Those factors are:

  1. How each parent can meet the physical, spiritual, emotional, and cultural needs of the child.
  2. How the medical, mental health, and educational needs of the child can be met.
  3. The preference of the child if they are of sufficient age and ability to make this decision.
  4. Whether domestic abuse has occurred.
  5. Physical, chemical, or mental health issues the parents may have.
  6. History of care and its nature
  7. The ability of each parent to reliably meet the needs of the child from this point forward.
  8. How the home, community, and school changes affect or could affect the child.
  9. Impact on the significant relationships of the child.
  10. The benefit the child is gaining or losing time with one parent.
  11. Disposition of each parent on supporting the child’s relationship with the other.
  12. The ability of the parents to cooperate in the raising of the child.

There used to be 13 factors, but the factors were adopted on August 1, 2015 so that they could represent a more thoughtful reflection on what is happening to all parties involved at the time of the dispute.

Helping You Resolve Custody Disputes

John Burns is highly experienced with this area of the law, as he has lectured in continuing educations and even helped create the initial case management conference program in Dakota County. With this type of experience, you can navigate:

  • Petitions for sole custody or primary physical custody
  • Legal custody disputes
  • Parenting time determination
  • Parent location matters
  • Paternity actions to establish visitation or obtain child support
  • Parenting plans
  • Orders for protection resulting from domestic abuse
  • Child support
  • Post-decree modifications
  • Grandparents’ rights

When you have Mr. Burns in your corner, you have a Minneapolis custody lawyer who is well-respected and reputable in the areas of divorce and family law.

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