Former Minnesota Twins star arrested after domestic assault

Written By: Burns Law Office | Published On: 29th July 2014

Chuck Former Minnesota Twins star arrested after domestic assaultRetired Major League Baseball player and former Minnesota Twins favourite Chuck Knoblauch, 46, has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

The former Twins baseman, who now resides in Houston, was charged with assault on a family member and interfering with police duties.

According to a police report, he assaulted his wife, leaving her a large bruise on her arm, a larger scratch on the left side of her face and a knot on her forehead.

Knoblauch’s wife, Cheri, told police her husband was upset that she had spent the night in another bedroom sleeping next to her child rather than next to him.

He allegedly grabbed her and hit her head against a wall before throwing a humidifier at her.

She is reported to have then run to her sister-in-law, who was also in the house with them, for help but that didn’t stop Knoblauch. Instead, he allegedly hit her in the arm and chest and continued screaming at her.

Knoblauch’s sister took Cheri back to her home, where they called the police.

Knoblauch was arrested after the incident and later released on bond, agreeing to appear in court on July 31st.

Knoblauch played baseball for his college A&M, before playing for the Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals in the MLB.

The Minnesota Twins, who had been planning to induct the former AL Rookie of the Year and four-time world champion into their team hall of fame in August, immediately cancelled the ceremony and the induction following the news.

How Can You Help Your Children Through a Divorce?

Written By: Burns Law Office | Published On: 30th April 2014

Marriage How Can You Help Your Children Through a Divorce?For children, divorce can be stressful, upsetting, and confusing. Whatever their age they are bound to feel uncertainty and anger at the prospect of their parents splitting up and things never being the same again.

But as a parent, you can make the process and its effects less painful for your children, making the whole experience slightly more bearable for them and maybe a little easier for yourselves.

There are many ways you can help your kids adjust to separation or divorce, but being honest with them from the start will form a solid base for you to maintain a healthy and loving relationship throughout this difficult time.

When it comes to telling your kids about your divorce, many parents freeze up. So make the conversation a little easier for everyone by preparing what you say before you sit down to talk.

Here are a few things you can do in order to help your children through the turmoil of a divorce.

Be honest -  Your children are entitled to know why you are getting a divorce, but a long-winded response may only confuse them more. You may need to remind your children that while sometimes parents and kids don’t always get along, parents and kids don’t stop loving each other.

Tell then you love them - It may sound simple but letting your children know that your love for them hasn’t changed is a powerful message. Tell them you’ll still be caring for them in every way as you always have.

Listen -  Encourage your kids to share their feelings and really listen to them. They may be feeling sadness, loss or frustration about things you may not have expected, so this is their chance to tell you.

Be patient - Kids may seem to understand one day and be unsure the next. Treat your child’s changing moods and confusion with patience and understanding.

Tell them it’ll be okay -  Tell kids that things won’t always be easy, but that thing will be okay in the end. Knowing it’ll be all right can often provide an incentive for your kids to give a new situation more of a chance.

Show affection -  Give your children as many hugs and kisses as you can. This will reassure them that whatever is happening in your marriage, your feelings for them have not changed.

Have fun - Try to inject as much fun-time and play into your life and the lives of your children as you can; it can relieve stress and give you all a break from the sadness and confusion that exists.

Who Keeps the House?

Written By: Burns Law Office | Published On: 27th March 2013

Hand Over Home Who Keeps the House?The home is the largest asset for couples because the home most likely has some equity. Of course, the amount of equity fluctuates with the housing market. During the most recent collapse of the housing market, it became a case of taking losses and many couples that divorced saw their homes lost in the foreclosure process because neither party could afford the payments.

Now the housing market is on the rebound in Minnesota and that is putting divorcing couples in better positions to split the equity in the home. In the 13-county metro area, the Pioneer Press states that the median sales price has risen to $160,000, which is 14.3 percent higher than January of 2012. The market is finally thawing out and that means that home valuation being correct is going to be a priority in a divorce.

There are usually two scenarios that occur in property division of the marital home. One of the former spouses may be able to continue to live in the home and pay the other spouse their share of accumulated equity. Sometimes an interest in the homestead equity can be offset by awarding retirement accounts to the spouse who does not continue to live in the home. There are various adjustments that can be made to the value of these accounts. In other cases, the home may be refinanced in order to split the equity, but the other common solution is to sell the home and split the money. Either way, it is a must to determine the property value.

The first way to determine the value is through a professional appraisal. What it was worth during the housing bust may not be what it is worth now. It could be worth more or less. If the value is inflated, that could mean paying more than what a person should to live in the home. The opposite an also happen, which is when the tax-assessed value is too low. If it’s too low, the spouse that does not live in the home may not receive a fair amount of money. This makes it worth the cost to hire an appraiser.

If upside down on a mortgage (mortgage is more than the worth of the home), it may be worth arranging a short sale with the lender. This may occur when neither spouse can afford to refinance or stay in the home, but this action is up to the bank. However, a November 1 federal rule states that homeowners current on their payments are allowed to qualify for a short sale. Short sales are typically for those seeing a hardship and divorce is considered a hardship when it involves a change in finances.

When it comes to property division, your attorney can advise you of what to do and the options available. Finding the best solution for you can mean not taking on an expense that you cannot afford or losing the home when you need a place to live and the other spouse doesn’t.

Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

Written By: Burns Law Office | Published On: 27th March 2013

Violence Warning Signs of Domestic ViolenceIn the past month alone, authorities say that three women have been killed by their boyfriends or husbands. The victims are a pregnant National Guard member, a teenage girl, and a Mall of America store manager.

Experts in the area of domestic violence say that the batterers usually appear to be on control on the outside, but they are raging on the inside. They tend to terrorize their households.

A suspect in a recent murder, Roger Holland, is an Army National Guard member. Unfortunately, military members that have a tendency to become violent do so as the result of post-traumatic stress and the transition back home. They may have no previous violent incidents, but they suddenly snap and they hurt the ones that they love. Experts say that the vertical society of the military in which members follow orders is much different than the horizontal society of a relationship. If it is noticed that a member of the military is acting out, it is important to try and get them help as soon as possible. It is especially helpful if they recognize that they need help.

With that said, here are the warning signs of domestic violence:

  • Threats
  • Stalking behavior
  • Put-downs and name calling
  • Controlling behavior
  • Physical abuse
  • Isolating the partner

Some individuals think they have not been abused because they haven’t been hit. However, the other forms of domestic violence are just as damaging. Each sign should be taking seriously because they could lead to physical violence or worse.

The good news is that the number of women murdered due to domestic violence dropped in 2012 from 2011 levels, but the bad news is that the number has already increased for 2013.

There is a 24-hour hotline for individuals who may be the victims of domestic violence. Women can call 866-223-1111 and men can call 866-379-6367. Victims are also encouraged to call their attorney to obtain an order for protection and take steps toward getting out of the abusive relationship.

Three Die in Domestic Violence Incident

Written By: Burns Law Office | Published On: 27th March 2013

A woman herded her four grandchildren to the neighbor’s apartment to then pound on the door screaming that there were individuals killing each other in a domestic violence incident that ended in death.

The neighbor then called 911 so that the St. Paul police would arrive. When they did, they found the bodies of Chue Lor, 31; his wife Panhnia Yang, 27; and Yang’s brother Kong Meng Lee, 18.

There were no suspects being sought in the case, said a spokesman from the St. Paul Police Department. He said the police were not giving details on whether the incident was a suicide or a homicide.

Chue Lor was the neighbor of Chue Vue, who said that Lor told him Panhia Yang had left their home a week ago. The neighbor was not aware of why she had left, but said Chue Lor had been very upset about it.

The couple had four children ranging from ages 3 to 9. Fortunately, the children did not see the deaths, as their grandmother had gotten them away from the situation. They are now in the care of relatives.

When the grandmother came to Chue Vue’s apartment with the children, she told Vue that her son was begging and crying to his wife that he didn’t want her to leave and that they would take care of their children.

There had been a call to the apartment just days before when a man who lived across the hall from Lor saw Lor outside the apartment with one of his daughters and heard the girl shouting at her father to not do something. The man said he did not know why the little girl was saying what she did, but Lor seemed very nervous.

The man then went to his apartment, heard some bumping noises, and the police arrived approximately 10 minutes later.

So far in 2013, one man and seven women have been killed in partner homicides in Minnesota. According to the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, two men and four women had been killed by this same time last year.

Chue Vue said he has lived in the apartment building for several years and never heard the couple argue in the past. He knew that Lor took care of the small apartment building and saw him as a friendly man who shared home grown vegetables with Vue’s family.

Chue Lor had told his neighbor that Yang had gotten a restraining order against him, but there was no order for protection record found. Vue then told Lor that he simply needed to stay away from Yang.

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