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Burns Law Office helps people in Burnsville, Lakeville and the Twin Cities to secure positive outcomes for divorce, domestic violence and other family law concerns — and to move on with their lives.

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Feel Comfortable Walking into the Lawyer’s Office

Burns Law Offices provide personal attention, tough negotiation and experienced representation. We prioritize the person-to-person contact, which you are looking for in the divorce process.

Each family law attorney brings his or her own personal experiences to the divorce process. Lawyers at Burns Law Office have determined that the following areas are of key importance for people to experience a successful outcome in their divorce.

Know What to Expect

Many people fear the unknown. This is especially true during the dissolution of a marriage. People in the midst of a divorce are struggling with the confusing legal process at a difficult time in their lives. They need to understand the process and know what to expect along the way.

Lawyers Who Do not Allow Emotions to Drive Decision-Making

It’s important to have a lawyer who does not allow clients’ emotions to drive their legal decision-making. A lawyer who can comfortably help people through their emotions helps ensure a successful, less costly divorce. Our lawyers remind people up front that there will be times of extreme difficulty during the divorce. These are the moments when you need an experienced family lawyer the most to guide you through the process.

Well-Prepared Lawyers, Thorough, Effective and Tough Negotiators

People want a lawyer who is a thorough, tough negotiator, well-versed in divorce law nuances. Early in his career, our principal lawyer John Burns distinguished himself at both the state and appellate levels of family law and continues to earn accolades for his legal acumen.

Lawyers Who Are Not Intimidated No Matter How Complex the Case

High asset cases can have similar issues to our other files.  The same goes for high profile cases. Our high standard of quality, caring legal counsel applies to each case we handle, regardless of the dollar amount in dispute. We keep the focus on the case where it belongs.

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