Child Protective Services

Too many children are being abused in Neglected in the state of Minnesota on a daily basis. It is this abuse that leads to poor academic performance and a life of criminal activity. The abused also runs a risk of becoming abusers themselves. Fortunately, the Department of Human Services works closely with all Minnesota counties and the 11 Indian Tribes currently settled within the state to protect children.

It is important for each reported case to be investigated because the determination of maltreatment, neglect, or abuse could remove a child from a harmful situation. At the same time, false reports can be made by a party during a divorce or another family situation in which someone may wish to get revenge. Each call is taken seriously, however, and is investigated over a 48-72 hour period

Collecting Information

Child Protective services collects a lot of information. They work with law enforcement and will conduct interviews with any witnesses or those living within the home to find out if abuse really occurred. Basically, there are a number of steps taken by CPS to determine whether or not abuse or neglect occurred. Those steps include:

  • Determining if the child needs services
  • Inform the parties involved in the claim
  • Provide services if they are needed

The pieces of information that are collected include:

  • The name, age, gender, and the developmental stage of each child
  • An evaluation of prior reports of abuse
  • Who reported the abuse and who the accused is
  • What the facts are surrounding the alleged maltreatment

It may be required for the child to have a medical examination, for their medical records to be reviewed, for health professionals to be interviewed, and for any necessary information to be obtained through other means. It can be good for both parties to have a Minneapolis family law attorney to advise them in such cases.

Notification Procedures

All parties involved in the case have to be notified within 10 days of what the results of the investigation are. The results will state whether the child has been mistreated or not and if social services are needed. The reasons for the decisions are also stated and what the rights of the accused are and what information is available to them in relation to the case.

After notification, it is determined whether or not Child Protective Services are needed. If it is found that they are needed, then it is the responsibility of the county in which the child lives to provide those services so that the child is protected. Once the case is closed, there is other information made available to the family in regards to what services are available to them.

If a child has been abused, there will be criminal charges brought up against the person accused of abusing the child. If convicted, the child abuser is subject to a lengthy prison term. It is in these cases that the child never has to be placed into the custody of that person again. So if you are having issues involving Child Protective Services or you see potential issues, it is good to contact a Minneapolis divorce lawyer to consult with.

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