Man Forces Girlfriend to Stand Outside In Domestic Dispute

On December 11, 44-year-old Scott Boothman and his girlfriend had a domestic violence episode in which he allegedly made his girlfriend and her young daughter stand outside while the wind chill was 30 below.

Boothman, a Warroad, Minnesota resident, and his girlfriend got into an argument as they were driving to Grand Forks, North Dakota from Warroad. This is when he allegedly made the threat that he was going to kill his girlfriend and made her and her daughter get out of the car and stand out in the cold on a rural section of Interstate 29.

While out in the cold, the girlfriend called 911, but that is when Bootman tackled her and caused her to roll into a ditch. After this, they got back into the car, but it was the 911 call that led to a deputy following them. Boothman led the officer on a 100 mph high-speed chase, but Boothman did decide to pull over and surrender.

After pulling over, the girlfriend and her daughter ran from the car and the officer was able to arrest Boothman. While the police said that no one was injured, there were red marks around the neck of Boothman’s girlfriend.

The resulting charges for Boothman were felony reckless endangerment, interference with an emergency call, and terrorizing. This is a total of three felonies. Police have stated in their report that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of his arrest.

Unfortunately, domestic violence experts say this is something that is not all that rare with the GF Abuse & Crisis Center seeing up to 1,400 client cases every year.