Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

In the past month alone, authorities say that three women have been killed by their boyfriends or husbands. The victims are a pregnant National Guard member, a teenage girl, and a Mall of America store manager.

Experts in the area of domestic violence say that the batterers usually appear to be on control on the outside, but they are raging on the inside. They tend to terrorize their households.

A suspect in a recent murder, Roger Holland, is an Army National Guard member. Unfortunately, military members that have a tendency to become violent do so as the result of post-traumatic stress and the transition back home. They may have no previous violent incidents, but they suddenly snap and they hurt the ones that they love. Experts say that the vertical society of the military in which members follow orders is much different than the horizontal society of a relationship. If it is noticed that a member of the military is acting out, it is important to try and get them help as soon as possible. It is especially helpful if they recognize that they need help.

With that said, here are the warning signs of domestic violence:

  • Threats
  • Stalking behavior
  • Put-downs and name calling
  • Controlling behavior
  • Physical abuse
  • Isolating the partner

Some individuals think they have not been abused because they haven’t been hit. However, the other forms of domestic violence are just as damaging. Each sign should be taking seriously because they could lead to physical violence or worse.

The good news is that the number of women murdered due to domestic violence dropped in 2012 from 2011 levels, but the bad news is that the number has already increased for 2013.

There is a 24-hour hotline for individuals who may be the victims of domestic violence. Women can call 866-223-1111 and men can call 866-379-6367. Victims are also encouraged to call their attorney to obtain an order for protection and take steps toward getting out of the abusive relationship.