Shooting in Grand Rapids Example of Domestic Violence Issues

A December 22 shooting in Grand Rapids has brought about more awareness regarding the issues that surround domestic violence.

William Levi Payne has been charged with eight felonies after police say the 26-year-old shot at two people at 10th¬†Avenue residence and then kidnapped his own wife who was a visitor at the home at the time of the incident. Just four days before the shooting, Payne’s wife had filed for a protection order against him.

Orders for protection are designed to keep alleged abusers away from individuals, so it is typically not anticipated that the alleged abuser will violate that order. Usually, these orders are not violated due to the fact that such an order is the petitioner asking the courts and the community to step in and help them escape an abusive situation. The violation of protection orders comes with very strict penalties in Minnesota.

After the shooting, Advocates for Family Peace called for an end to domestic violence, as it is something that seems to be reported in Itasca County almost every day.

But Minnesota is not the only state seeing issues with domestic violence, as there are advocacy centers being closed all around the country due to funding issues. However, Advocates for Family Peace are in the position where they can open new facilities to help individuals in domestic violence situations. They currently have an office opening in Hibbing and will be able to serve an area that a closed office recently served.

Advocates for Family Peace are available 24/7 and on holidays to help anyone trying to get out of a violent home situation.